Happy New Year – 2013!

I welcome 2013 with wide open arms!

This new year presents great promises and I claim it to be in my side of the table.

God has blessed me during 2012 and this new year will surely be much more than that.

Although, I’ve got plenty of expectations and prayers in mind, here are few of the priorities:

First, GOOD HEALTH. Yes, you read it right. I believe in the saying “Health is Wealth”.

I pray not only for my health but also for my family, loved ones, relatives, and friends especially for my mother.

May the good Lord restore her health back when she is still young and strong.


I believe that God always deliver us from all evil and protect us against it. Let God’s protective arms surround us lovingly this year and let us not be weary of all unforeseen events. Trust that in His protection we are safe.


I adore families that are happy and loving. Together each members reach for their goals.

I intend to spend more time with my family. I love them deeply and they are my strength. I pray for greater understanding and unity.


I’ve been blessed in my career last 2012 and I expect to be more bliss this year. God has altered my path. Shifting my career last year is a great start and now that I can hold on to it, I know, I can achieve more!


I admit, I am not that faithful to God. I am a sinner. But, I will do my best to find my way back to Him starting this year. God is my backbone and my everything. Into Him I cast my burdens plenty of times.

He received deceitful words from me, yet, He never forsaken me. He is faithful, patient, and perfect in which I am not. But, He reach out to me as if I had never done anything bad. He forgives me every time I made mistakes. He comforts me. He is my God.

Along with all these, I trust God for a more stronger, loving, and faithful long-term relationship I have with @Gracess_Dad. Having him around every day is such a blessing. Waking up every morning at his side is definitely a bliss.

All in all, I’m all set for 2013 – so I think! God bless this year!

Is Staying In Love Hard?

Photo Credit: cancerlive.net

A friend of mine updated her status in Facebook stating that “To love is easy, to stay in love is hard.”

I believe that most of you would say the same thing but for those who experiences true love will surely disagree with this.

I mean, c’mon! If you truly love the person, why can’t you stay in love? Staying in love is easy – probably not that much – but certainly not hard! Just do the things that would make your beloved happy and you will surely be happy too.

I know it is not just that. Being in a relationship needs factors other than love itself. You need trust, care, affection, and so on. The list just go on with no stop.

Believe me, I am not in a perfect long-term relationship myself. My beloved and I usually fight even the smallest reason there is. But, that just makes us more in love with each other!

When you are in a long-term relationship, you tend to exactly read your partner’s mind. Yes, it happens. A lot!

At times, because you believe your partner will act on this way after a fight, you seldom approach him or her and say sorry. But, to tell you, it is always a good idea to address the fight immediately. Well, after both of you are much calmer.

You don’t need to be the faulty ones when you have to say sorry. If you really love the person, there is no reason for you not to ask sorry! Gush, you love that person and you do not want to hurt the ones you love. How much more your special someone in life?

My beloved and I usually fight these days. Yes, I’m guilty – as always! The thing is, after each fight, we make up. I’m just grateful to God I have a very wonderful lover in the world. He understands me – BIG TIME!

In my part, I always tell him how sorry I am, how much I love him, how much he means to me, how much I miss him and oh! I can’t stop talking. I mean, he is my world. He means everything to me.

Also, take it from me. When you are in a long-term relationship, there is always a good reason to surprise your beloved. The excitement in their eyes and the smile that curve their lips – so wonderful! It feels like you are on your first date!

You don’t actually need to plan a surprise party or buy expensive things. A simple love letter with your handwriting is enough. I seldom do that but it is really effective. His eyes lightens on every single word I write. As for his mouth, it is painted with a huge smile – ear to ear! And as for me, my heart leaps every time I see him like that! Of course, I feel really shy afterwards. Haha. But, I can’t help it!

Don’t also forget to always tell and REMIND your beloved how much you love them. Yes. Remind them!

You say there is no point of telling them ’cause they knew it already? Let me ask you. Isn’t it a nice feeling to always hear from the one you love how much you mean to them? to be always reminded that they are there for you? Most of all, to know that the ones you love treasures you like no gem in the world could ever replace you?

Well, if you hear that everyday, will you ever forget how much you mean to your partner? Will you fall out of love if everyday a confession of love is always in your ears? Certainly, not!

The great thing is, the more you open yourself to your partner, the more they open their self to you too.

I know there are plenty of lovers around the world who do not know how to say their love and affection. Trust me, they just need to be pushed. I didn’t say intimidate them but show them how to do it. Even the simplest things count. If they can’t say it then write it!

We say love is sweeter the second time around. Well, how much more the third, fourth, fifth, and so on with the same person? Falling in love all over again with the same person is the greatest love you really need – and it is possible!

So, is staying in love hard?

What’s On My Phone?

I am in the middle of working for my article in King’s Wharf, Bermuda when something came up on my mind.

Yes. As usual. Dah. What is new? Right.

Anyway, I wanted to let you see the inside of my cellphone. And no, I’m not letting you see the messages. Just the wallpaper and the theme. Yeah, that is all. Oh, no. Stop complaining. Blah. Blah. Blah.

You can either stop reading and pretend that you haven’t read anything today from my little part of the internet world or continue with my nonsense. But, please. I BEG you. Continue reading with my nonsense post. Haha.

So, since you decide to go on. Here are the pictures.

@GraCess_Dad and Me as Wallpaper

There you go. Have you observed? My theme is selections of food. Now you know why I love looking at my cellphone. It makes me hungry.

But, I love it! Who wouldn’t?

Danger of Dog Scratches

Photo Credit: dogsbreed.net

Just recently, I fed my dogs.

My precious Blacky and Whitey.

But, when I gave Whitey his share of food, Blacky grabbed my arm and accidentally scratched it.

He left three long scratches.

It’s not really painful though.

What I was worried of is that:

“Are dog scratches dangerous to human?”

It’s my first time to have this long and slightly deep scratches.

Actually, I have cleaned the wound with soap and water.

I have even applied alum and alcohol.

Luckily, the two scratches are now lost.

Yes, just about 10 minutes after the application.

But, the third one is still present.

I researched in Google but some said it is dangerous and others said it is not.

So, are dog scratches dangerous?

What do you think?