What It’s Like To Work At Home

Just this April, I turned my back to my position as an Officer In-charge in one of the most prestigious real estate company in the Philippines.

For what? Well, I found working at home much convenient for me.

I have health problem. But, no, it’s not serious. I have migraine and my body is not capable enough to work multitasking. When I said multitasking, it means more than five tasks at the same time.

As you know, being an Officer In-charge of a big company is tough. You get to face clients, handle workers, do and check bank accounts, daily progress of the office and the properties, and many more.

And guess what, I’m only 21.

Yes, for a big company like that, they employed a 21-year old woman like me to handle everything.

Sometimes, I hate my job. But, usually, I love it.

Who would not love a job with a good paying salary, great office, second-boss, and everyone looks up to you?

Everyone, but, me.

The only reason why I love my job is that, it compensates me. It satisfies my craving for fries, spaghetti, chocolate sundae, beef stakes, popcorn, cinemas, travel, and most of all, my crazy love for internet. It pays my internet bill, in short.

Luckily, I found a new  job.

It is online freelancing. Actually, I have been working as such since 2010. But, I did not make it as my full-time job. Only, these days.

Someone is brave enough to take me as his full-time assistant and partner in an online business. I started working for him since May of this year until now. And my work includes writing. Yes, I have written a lot for his sites. So, basically, my main work is article writing.

But, I also have part-time jobs as virtual assistant. I like being a virtual assistant. I get to search, book flights and houses, call schools and known people, work with big companies outside the Philippines, and most of all, I love my job. Not only because it compensate me big time. But, because, I know I am doing the right thing.

I, guess, working at home with these same set of employers is my passion. They are good employers. I love and adore them. They are very understanding with my health situation, most specially my full-time employer.

Doing different tasks allow learning to myself. Most of these learning are very useful for me.

And I love working at home. Why? I can work while doing house choirs. I can watch TV, comfortably settle myself in my room, chat with friends while working. I can do most things while working! That is how convenient it is.

When I get tired, I can immediately take a rest and resume working when I am able to do so. I do not have to travel from the office to my house and then back again after resting.

That is really cool, convenient, and easy.

Now you know what it is like to work at home.


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