Danger of Dog Scratches

Photo Credit: dogsbreed.net

Just recently, I fed my dogs.

My precious Blacky and Whitey.

But, when I gave Whitey his share of food, Blacky grabbed my arm and accidentally scratched it.

He left three long scratches.

It’s not really painful though.

What I was worried of is that:

“Are dog scratches dangerous to human?”

It’s my first time to have this long and slightly deep scratches.

Actually, I have cleaned the wound with soap and water.

I have even applied alum and alcohol.

Luckily, the two scratches are now lost.

Yes, just about 10 minutes after the application.

But, the third one is still present.

I researched in Google but some said it is dangerous and others said it is not.

So, are dog scratches dangerous?

What do you think?


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