To My Dear 14-year-old Self

I know that you are struggling hard right now for your second year in high-school – away from your family and away from the hometown you grow up with.

But, that is all a challenge. There is much more you need to encounter. Whatever trials presented to you, never give up! You might not see the fruits of your struggle at this very moment, but it will make an impact in the future. You have to weigh everything before you decide. Don’t rush.

You already made a mistake when you were in first year. Don’t do that again. Study well and do your best to excel. Forget being homesick. Remember, you chose to study on a different part of the country so that you will have a great future. This is all for your family. This is just the beginning.

If only you could vision your life after 8 years, you will know that you make a great decision. Holding your diploma and bearing a bachelors degree is all worth your struggle. How much more if you see yourself inside your own office? That’s a great joy! It is just the beginning of your success.

Pray hard and always believe in God. Never forsake Him. He will guide you and take good care of you. Trust that all will be well. Cause you know what? Everything is well. You are the only one who makes it difficult. Forget the hardships, look for the light.

Good luck!


Your 22-year-old Self

Present – 2012


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