Happy New Year – 2013!

I welcome 2013 with wide open arms!

This new year presents great promises and I claim it to be in my side of the table.

God has blessed me during 2012 and this new year will surely be much more than that.

Although, I’ve got plenty of expectations and prayers in mind, here are few of the priorities:

First, GOOD HEALTH. Yes, you read it right. I believe in the saying “Health is Wealth”.

I pray not only for my health but also for my family, loved ones, relatives, and friends especially for my mother.

May the good Lord restore her health back when she is still young and strong.


I believe that God always deliver us from all evil and protect us against it. Let God’s protective arms surround us lovingly this year and let us not be weary of all unforeseen events. Trust that in His protection we are safe.


I adore families that are happy and loving. Together each members reach for their goals.

I intend to spend more time with my family. I love them deeply and they are my strength. I pray for greater understanding and unity.


I’ve been blessed in my career last 2012 and I expect to be more bliss this year. God has altered my path. Shifting my career last year is a great start and now that I can hold on to it, I know, I can achieve more!


I admit, I am not that faithful to God. I am a sinner. But, I will do my best to find my way back to Him starting this year. God is my backbone and my everything. Into Him I cast my burdens plenty of times.

He received deceitful words from me, yet, He never forsaken me. He is faithful, patient, and perfect in which I am not. But, He reach out to me as if I had never done anything bad. He forgives me every time I made mistakes. He comforts me. He is my God.

Along with all these, I trust God for a more stronger, loving, and faithful long-term relationship I have with @Gracess_Dad. Having him around every day is such a blessing. Waking up every morning at his side is definitely a bliss.

All in all, I’m all set for 2013 – so I think! God bless this year!