Do What Is Right Than Sacrifice

As I watched my Firefox web browser, I read my generated Bible verse to ponder.

Tonight, it is: (Proverbs 21:3)

” To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.”

Why is God telling me about this?

I think, I will never understand.

But God will help me to understand it deeply.

Not just in words and not just in actions.

We have plenty of interpretation about the verse and here is mine.

God Almighty is a very good Creator.

Actually, the greatest!

He wants us to come to Him and delivers all of our worries and burdens.

He is a good God and a very loving Father.

He knows what is right and what is wrong more than what we know.

Jesus said “Come follow me!’ to the 12 disciples He has chosen.

I firmly believe that He did not only mean the chosen twelve.

But, all of us who believes in Him.

When we opt to follow Jesus, who is our only way to the Father, we also choose to do what is right and pleasing to His eyes.

We do not need to choose sacrifice over what is good and just.

For doing good and justice comes first.

Yes, we are called for holiness.

And sacrifices are essential to complete your whole being.

To know what is more important.

Yet, God wants us to do good for others and not just for our self.

He do not need our sacrifices and offerings when He knows that we practice injustice and ill things.

He sees our every action.

He counts every beat of our heart.

He knows what we are thinking.

He is our God.

Our very loving Father.