Loving The Real Me

Looking at my face in the mirror makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

At times, I wish I have done something better.

Not that I regret what I am now, but, I just wish I could be somebody else who can have everything I wanted.

I know that I am deceiving my self completely with this whole crazy idea.

But, who knows?

When I was younger, I dreamed of plenty of things.

I am happy back then but I am much happier these days.

Some of my dreams are still vivid and others are not.

But, all of those dreams lead to one goal: HAPPINESS.

A lot of us would say that happiness can be attained depending on the person who wants it.

But, I have proved to my self that true happiness is extremely difficult to have.

You might be happy forever, but, is it true happiness?

I have never loved my self. Perhaps, it is much nicer to say that I like ME.

Love and like are two different things.

I came to know it when I finally met the man I hope of loving forever.

He taught me the differences between the two….

Loving oneself might be unnecessary for someone, but for most of us, I believe that it is important.

I guess, all of you will agree that having to accept the real you is difficult.

It is especially if you know that you could have done best more than you have done before and today.

I firmly believe that there is still tomorrow.

Tomorrow that will lead me to what I think I am.

Not the person, I wish I am.

But the person, I think I can be.

And the person, I know I will love.