Best Way Possible

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What a great day it is to start writing!

I just received a text message from a friend in the middle of the night about God’s words.

Here what it says:

“God knows what your silent heart wants.

Even if you don’t include it in your prayers,

He hears what your heart whispers.”

See how amazing God is?

I firmly believe about my favorite motto:

“Hear God in the Silence of Your Heart.”

It means that you can only hear God

when your heart is silent.

No worries, problems and burdens.

Nothing that occupies your heart.

Nothing that occupies your mind.

You centered it all to God and Him alone.

God knows all of our fears and our problems.

He knows when we need Him.

We may not tell it to Him but He knows we need His guidance.

But, there were times when we can’t hear Him.

Even if he speaks loudly to us.

We are the ones who are so busy with our life.

But, forget listening to Him.

And God?

He is so busy tending to our needs.

He is so busy to tell us that He is there to help us.

He is there to care for us.

We may not say it in prayers but He hears our heart.

The solemn cry of our hearts.

He knows our burdens.

Why not cast it all to Him?

God is more than willing to help us.

He loves us.

We may not ask Him to help us.

But, He already did.

He always did.

The second part of the text message is:

” He may not give it to you now

But, someday when you least expect it,

Things will happen in the Best Possible Way.”

Isn’t God so wonderful and great?

Since He knows when we need it,

He also knows when we should receive it.

We might not expect it

But, He is always willing to give us what we need.

At times, He don’t exactly give us what we ask Him.

He gives us what is best for us.

That is God.

We might not understand Him fully

But, He is so great more than you thought He is.

We might be His beloved creatures

But, God is more than the greatest Creator there is!

He is greater than our parents for He gives us life.

We breath His own breath.

Most especially, we are made according to His likeness.

Isn’t that wonderful?

God is good. All the time!